I am writing from the the Urban Education student lounge at CUNY Graduate jeananyon200Center today (9/9/13) and am so glad to have had some time to come by to honor Jean Anyon. It has warmed my heart to be with dear friends and colleagues. I will be writing and posting more about Jean and my relationship with Jean over the last seven years.

For now, my thoughts have been on remembering the little moments that I shared with Jean here in the student lounge. Specifically I was thinking about the emotional roller coaster it was to meet with Jean in her office. Even after several years of working with her I would still get a lump in my throat and my heart would be speeding along.

“Will she like what I have to say?”

“Am I making sense?”

“Is she gonna hate it?”

(having trouble breathing)


And then I would actually go in… 

“So how are things, going?”

“Good Jean, how are you?”

“How’s Teo”

“Good, getting big”

“So how is the work?”

(resume breathing and a more regular heart beat)

Segue to a very thoughtful conversation and supportive feedback that connected theory, data, and action.

Phew, breathing again, but heart beat getting faster.

Now I am inspired and leaving feeling good.

Flying high,

Ready to move forward.

We got this!

2013-09-09 12.05.33
If you have comments or thoughts to share on the life and contributions of Jean Anyon go to: http://opencuny.org/jeananyon/

If you would like to donate to a scholarship fund established by Jean’s students in her honor go to: http://www.gofundme.com/48vop4