Folks, I’ll be speaking about joy, healing and transformation in the midst of COVID-19 and Racial Injustice this coming Saturday at 10am EST

Hosted by the SUNY New Paltz Humanistic/Multicultural Education Program

Registration concludes tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020)

Praxis of Joy, Healing, and Transformation in the Midst of Dual Pandemics

Saturday, November 7, 10am-11:30 am (virtual event)

Educators, youth and families face even more challenges in 2020, as we live through a global pandemic and ongoing insurrections against racial injustice and antiBlackness. In the midst of dual pandemics, it is particularly important we attend to visions and practices of healing, joy and transformation as we collectively work toward social and educational justice.

In his keynote, Dr. Edwin Mayorga invites participants to make connections across our learning spaces, to consider what pandemic praxes for joy and healing look, sound, and feel like for social justice educational communities. What role do healing and joy play in our work toward abolitionist teaching, decolonization, and racial & ethnic studies? What resources and interconnections can we draw upon that center our humanity and our relationship to the land that can amplify our work at a historical moment where the earth is on fire, we are physically isolated, and our streets are resounding with calls for racial justice? How can we look to each other–particularly those who have been historically disappeared by systems of oppression– in order to enliven the praxis of healing and transformation that are so necessary today?

Edwin Mayorga, Ph.D. (he/him/his) is a parent-educator-activist-scholar, and Associate Professor of Educational Studies and Latin American/Latino Studies at Swarthmore College (PA). Edwin teaches and writes about racial neoliberal urbanism, scholar-activism, participatory action research (PAR) entremundos, decolonization, critical racial/ethnic studies and community+school collaboration.

Hosted by SUNY New Paltz Humanistic/Multicultural Education Program.

Registration for this event is on a sliding scale (pay what you can), starting at $0. If you are able, please consider donating $10, $20, $30 or any amount you are comfortable with.

Registration is required and closes at the end of the day Wednesday, November 4.

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