April 21, 2019

Youth Rising: young people fighting for the earth, a conversation with Sabirah Mahmud

On March 15, 2019 students across the world staged a strike in order to raise awareness around climate change. I’m delighted to have Sabirah Mahmud, the Pennsylvania State Lead for the US Climate Strike, on Encuentros Politicos to talk about their perspectives on climate change, the strike and next steps in student/youth-driven movements around climate change.

Listen to “E22 – Youth Climate Strike – Political Encounters” on Spreaker.

Picture of Sabirah Mahmud, young woman with a hijab and glassesBio: Sabirah Mahmud is a sophomore at the Academy at Palumbo. She is also the Pennsylvania State Lead for the US Climate Strike. Additionally, in her free time, she interns at the Penn Museum and Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, is the president of her school’s Muslim Student Association and enjoys playing her clarinet and oboe in her school’s orchestra as well as the University of Pennsylvania’s honor bands.

Email: 7262611@philasd.org / penn@youthclimatestrikeus.org 

Twitter: @SabirahMahmud