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Episode: Teaching for Justice in the midst of the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and Racial Injustice, with Tamara Anderson, Dana Carter and Alma Sheppard-Matsuo

As the school year gets underway online here in Philadelphia, questions about teaching in this context abound. Continuing our series on pandemic schooling we turn our focus to teachers and teaching. I’m pleased to have Tamara Anderson, Dana Carter (Racial Justice Organizing Committee), and Alma Sheppard-Matsuo from Teacher Action Group Philly

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Dana Carter graduated from the Philadelphia High School for Girls and then obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Delaware State University. While working as a Literacy Intern Teacher with the School District of Philadelphia in 2001, Ms. Carter developed a love for Urban Education. She received her Master’s Degree and certification in Elementary Education from Arcadia University in 2007.

Ms. Carter added an international perspective to her teaching when she traveled to the United Arab Emirates in 2013 to teach English for the Abu Dhabi Education Council for two years. Ms. Carter is a core member of Melanated Educators Collective and the Racial Justice Organizing Committee. Ms. Carter serves as the Racial and Social Justice Policy Advisor for both organizations. Ms. Carter has dedicated her career to eliminating the school to prison pipeline by being an advocate for urban learners.

Tamara Anderson is currently an adjunct at West Chester University in the Education Policy Department. She is one of the founding steering committee members of the National Black Lives Matter Week of Action at Schools, a core member of the Racial Justice Organizing Committee, a core organizer of Philly-Black Lives Matter Week at Schools, Opt Out Philly, a previous steering committee member of the WE Caucus, and a diversity consultant for American Association of Physics Teachers.


Alma Sheppard-Matsuo is an English teacher at Dobbins CTE High School, where they are the faculty advisor for both the GSA (Gender & Sexuality Association) and the Anime & Comics Club.  They are a core member of Teacher Action Group Philly (TAG).  Prior to joining the school district, they lived in Brooklyn, NY where they were a teaching artist, illustrator and community organizer, working with groups like Bread & Puppet Theater, Great Small Works and The People’s Puppets.

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