The good folks over at the Swarthmore Office of Communications asked me a few questions about Education in our Barrios Project, Philadelphia (@BarrioEdPHL) and the Critical Education Policy Studies group (@CritEduPolicy). The questions pushed me to reflect a bit more than I usually have time for. Plus I got to talk about all the inspiring young people that I have a pleasure of working with through these two projects!

Check it:


At a CEPS editors editors meeting, Courtesy of Swarthmore College

Edwin Mayorga, an instructor in the Educational Studies Department, is on the front lines of the fight for educational equity. In 2013, he launched the Education in Our Barrios Project (#BarrioEdProj) in the historically Latino neighborhoods of New York City. Young people from the neighborhoods are co-researchers for the project, gathering information from their communities to share with public officials in the hopes of re-shaping the public education and very future of their neighborhoods. Earlier this year, Mayorga expanded the project into the Latino communities of Philadelphia, incorporating Swarthmore students into the effort.

Swarthmore students have also formed the Critical Education Policy Studies (CEPS) group, which provides an online clearinghouse of education policy data, analysis, opinion, and calls to action. Collaboratively managed and edited by the students and Mayorga, the site hosts student-generated material from various education courses at Swarthmore.

Looking back on an eventful year at the College, Mayorga explains the origins and aims of these projects as well as the root of his passion for educational equity…”

For more go to: Q&A with Educational Studies Instructor Edwin Mayorga


I also sent in a few pictures from that did not make the blog post, but I am going to include one of them here.

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