A version of my post, Teaching in the Time of #Ferguson, was included in this conversation organized by the Berkeley Review of Education. Here is the introduction for the collection of posts:

The killing of Mike Brown, the failure to indict Darren Wilson, and the protests and contentious dialogue surrounding these events have again exposed fissures that exist in society as a result of (but not limited to) the dynamics of race, class, and gender.

Perhaps because of this, various media outlets have focused on analyzing the events from political, historical, and sociological perspectives.  However, as a scholarly journal centered on issues of education and committed to supporting open dialogue about current and pressing issues in education (from early childhood to higher education spaces, formal and informal spaces, from scholars and practitioners), the BRE focused on creating a space and elicit dialogue by asking, How are you centering Ferguson in your work in educational institutions, in community spaces, with young people? How are we–as students, educators, scholars, community workers–teaching and learning around Ferguson?

In the spirit of forging communities, we are publishing a collection of thoughtful media from a variety of disciplinary and professional perspectives to incite productive conversations and actions in educational communities. We hope that this collection highlights the diverse teaching, learning, and action taking place in our communities.

It is a wonderful collection from a group of tremendous  scholar-educator-activists.

Please do take part.