Familia! Thank you so much for the steady stream of “happy birthdays” on facebook, email, etc!!
So appreciated.
Like last year, and more so as we move into an era of great uncertainty, I want to use this occasion as an opportunity to invite those who have loved and supported me over the years to express that love through support of some of the dope freedom fighters that I humbley stand alongside.
The Caucus of Working Educators, who have been steadfast in the struggle both inside and outside of the teachers union. Their recent work around supporting immigrant communities and their upcoming Black Lives Matters Week are an inspiration. They accept donations here: https://workingeducators.nationbuilder.com/donate
The Philly Black History collaborative, which is steered by a tremendous group of educators, is organizing the Philadelphia Black History Collaborative Conference on Feb 11 which is just going to be fantastic!! They need support for covering the cost of the conference and are having a Fish Fry Fundraiser on Jan 20th. Even if you can’t make it but want to donate you can do so here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/philadelphia-black-history-collaborative-fish-fry-fundraiser-tickets-30820365543
Thank you all again. Looking forward to continuing the struggle as I wrap up this third decade of my life. Much of me wants to say we need each other now more than ever, but I think that gives too much respect to those who are assuming “official power” in this country. In reality we need each other as we always have, and I relish that I have been able to be with you now, in the past, and into our collective future.
In love and solidarity,