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2014-present. Swarthmore College, Department of Educational Studies. Program in Latin American and Latino Studies. Assistant Professor.


2017. Ph.D., Urban Education; Certificate: Africana Studies. Graduate Center, The City University of New York. New York

Dissertation Title: Dominance & survivance: Urban Latino communities and education in racial neoliberal urbanism

Advisors: Dr. Michelle Fine (chair), Dr. Ofelia Garcia, Dr. Stephen Brier, and Dr. Jean Anyon (original chair, now deceased)

2004. Certificate: Bilingual Education Extension. City College, The City University of New York. New York

2002. MA, Early/Elementary Childhood Education; Certificate: NYS Teaching License. Teachers College, Columbia University. New York.

2000. BA. History; Minor: Teacher Education. University of California, San Diego. San Diego, CA


Peer Reviewed Articles

2019. (forthcoming). Mayorga. E. Trabajando en ambxs: Toward race radicalism in Latinx educational research. Teachers College Record

2019. (under review). Mayorga, E., & Rosales, A. Understanding and addressing mental health and wellness through Latinx youth-focused participatory action research. Urban Review Education, 5(2), 199–201.

2019. (Under review). Leidecker, L., Orr, D. & Mayorga, E. Burn it Down? The Incommensurability of Higher Education and Decolonization. Journal of Critical Thought and Practice

2018. Mayorga, E. & B. Picower. Active solidarities: Urban teacher education in the time of Black Lives Matter. Urban Education, 53(2), 212-230.

2016. Mayorga, E. Introduction. #CritEdPol: A journal of critical education policy studies at Swarthmore College, 1(1), 3-6.

2016. Aggarwal, U., & Mayorga, E. From forgotten to fought over: Neoliberal restructuring, public schools, and urban space. The Scholar & Feminist Online, 13(2). Retrieved from http://sfonline.barnard.edu/navigating-neoliberalism-in-the-academy-nonprofits-and-beyond/ujju-aggarwal-edwin-mayorga-from-forgotten-to-fought-over-neoliberal-restructuring-public-schools-and-urban-space/

2016. Dumas, M. J., Dixson, A. D., & Mayorga, E. Educational Policy and the Cultural Politics of Race Introduction to the Special Issue. Educational Policy, 30(1), 3–12. http://doi.org/10.1177/0895904815616488

2015. Mayorga, E. Further notes on teaching in the time of #Ferguson. Berkeley Review of  Education, 5(2), 199–201. Originally online blog post at Berkeley Review of Education, “Call for Conversation” http://www.berkeleyreviewofeducation.com/ferguson-blacklivesmatter-blog

2015. Mayorga, E. Toward digital, critical, participatory action research: Lessons from the #BarrioEdProj. Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, (5). Retrieved from http://jitp.commons.gc.cuny.edu/toward-digital-critical-participatory-action-research/

2015. Daniels, J., Gold, M. K., Anderson, Stephanie, Boy, J., Cahill, C., Gieseking, J. J., Mayorga, E. … Tucker, Z. (2014). The InQ13 POOC: A Participatory Experiment in Open, Collaborative Teaching and Learning. Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, (5). Retrieved from http://jitp.commons.gc.cuny.edu/the-inq13-pooc/

2014. Suzuki, D., & Mayorga, E. Scholar-Activism: A Twice Told Tale. Multicultural Perspectives, 16(1), 16–20.
2012. Aggarwal, U., E. Mayorga, & D. Nevel. Slow violence and neoliberal education reform: Reflections on a school closure.” Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 18(2), 156–164.
2011. Epstein, T., E. Mayorga & J. Nelson. “Teaching about race in an urban history class: The effects of culturally responsive teaching.” Journal of Social Studies Research, 35(1), 2–21.

Book Chapters

2018. (In contract) Mayorga, E. and Lynch, T.L. Data Analytics: Race, class and control in educational data. In Mayorga, E., U. Aggarwal, U. & B. Picower (Eds). What’s race got to do with it?: How current school reform maintains racial and economic inequality, 2nd edition. New York: Peter Lang.

2018. Mayorga, E. #BarrioEdProj, a pedagogy of re-membering. In PAR entremundos: A pedagogy of the Américas. Peter Lang.

2015. Picower, B and E. Mayorga. Introduction. In Picower, B and E. Mayorga (Eds). What’s race got to do with it?: How current school reform maintains racial and economic inequality. New York: Peter Lang.

2012. Coleman, S., & E. Mayorga. “You want to pay me for what?!?: Resisting merit pay and the business model of education.” In N. Schniedewind & M. Sapon-Shevin (Eds.), Educational courage: Resisting the ambush of public education. Boston: Beacon Press.

Edited Projects

2019. (in contract).Mayorga, E., U. Aggarwal, U. & B. Picower (Eds). What’s race got to do with it?: How current school reform maintains racial and economic inequality, 2nd edition. New York: Peter Lang

2015. Picower, B and E. Mayorga (Eds). What’s race got to do with it?: How current school reform policy maintains racial and economic inequality. New York: Peter Lang.

2008. Mayorga, E., B. Picower, and S. Rader. (Eds.). Camouflaged: An investigation into how the U.S. military affects you and your community.  Lulu.com




1999. Recipient, Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Scholars Program, U.C., San Diego

2014. Nominee, Letter of Commendation, Community Activist Award, Critical Educators for Social Justice-SIG, American Education Research Association


2007-2012. Recipient, Enhanced Chancellors’ Fellowship, Graduate Center, CUNY

2003-2004. Recipient, Bilingual Ed./TESOL Title III Scholarship, City College, CUNY


2013. Recipient, Graduate Center Digital Innovation Grant, Graduate Center, CUNY

2013. Recipient, MAGNET Dissertation Writing Grant, Graduate Center, CUNY

2011. Recipient on behalf of NYCoRE, Ford Secondary Education and Racial Justice Collaborative Grant, Graduate Center, CUNY

2007. Recipient on behalf of NYCoRE, Counter Recruitment Grant, AJ Muste Institute


2014-present. Education in our barrios project; Principal Investigator; project co-director; supported by TriCo Digital Humanities Grant and Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility Grants.

2013. Examining the decline of NYC’s educators of color. Co-researcher, A participatory action research project; Project initiated and supported by the New York Collective of Radical Educators

2010-2014. Education in our barrios project; Principal Investigator; media director; supported by the CUNY-Graduate Center Digital Initiative Grant and East Harlem Preservation.

2011. What’s race got to do with it?; Co-Investigator; A project focused on facilitating a study group for K-12 teachers; Supported by the Ford Secondary Education and Racial Justice Collaborative.

2010-2011. The closing of Brandeis high school; Co-investigator; A qualitative study of the closing of one New York City public secondary school

2009-2010. Learning from and building community-oriented pathways to teaching careers for Latinos from historically underserved communities; Research assistant; Supported by the Ford Foundation;Under the direction of Dr. Carmen I. Mercado, Hunter College

2009. Opinion New York survey; Co-researcher; Under direction of Dr. Juan Battle, Dr. William Kornblum, and Dr. Anthony Browne, Sociology Department, CUNY-Graduate Center

2007-2008. Teaching about race in urban history classrooms: The effects of culturally relevant teaching; Research assistant; Under the direction of Dr. Terrie Epstein, Hunter College

2001. Boys’ Health and Development Project. Data collector; Under the direction of Dr. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn; National Center for Children and Families, Teachers College, Columbia University

1999-2000. Multimedia contexts for learning: La clase mágica ; Faculty Mentee/Research assistant. Under the direction of Dr. Olga Vasquez, University of California, San Diego 


2007-2013. New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, Department of Teaching and Learning. Instructor

2008-2012. Hunter College, City University of New York, Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Instructor

2012-2013. Graduate Center, City University of New York, JustPublics@365. Community Liaison and Co-Instructor; Participatory Open Online Course (POOC)

2012-2013. Macaulay Honors College, Lehman College, City University of New York. Instructional Technology Fellow

2011-2012. Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College, City University of New York. Writing Fellow, Writing Across the Curriculum Center

2005. Teachers College, Columbia University, Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Instructor       

1997-2000. University of California, San Diego, Teacher Education Program. Teaching Assistant


Educational Foundations
Multicultural Foundations
Philosophical, Historical, and Sociological Foundations of Bilingual Education
Social Justice Teaching
Educational Methods
Language & Literacy
Mathematics for the Elementary and Middle School Classroom
Multicultural Foundations, Curriculum Design and Social Studying
Social Studies Methods for the Elementary Classroom
Partners at Learning, Service Learning
Geography, Urban Studies, American Studies, and Digital Studies
Art and New York City
Peopling New York City and its Neighborhoods: A Seminar on Immigration
The Science of New York City
Shaping the Future of New York City: An Urban Planning Seminar
Reassessing Inequality and Reimagining the 21st-Century: East Harlem Focus
Participatory Open, Online Course – http://inq13.gc.cuny.edu
Clinical Teacher Supervision
New Student Seminar (College and career introduction course)
Student Teaching Field Supervision
Student Teaching Seminar 


2002-2007. Classroom Teacher, Second Grade (Dual Language/Inclusive) and Fourth Grade (Monolingual/Inclusive Settings). New York City Department of Education. New York, NY.
2001-2002. Student Teacher, First and Fifth Grade (Inclusive Settings)
2001. Teacher. Early Intervention Initiative. Double Discovery Center, Columbia University. New York, NY
2000. Teacher/Researcher, La Clase Mágica, Bilingual/Bicultural Afterschool Club. Chula Vista, CA
1999-2000. Tutor, America Counts Service Learning Project. Oceanside, CA
1999. Teacher/Language Arts Team Leader, Summerbridge San Diego. San Diego, CA
1998-1999. Tutor, America Reads Service Learning Project, Oceanside, CA
1997-1998. Mentor, Partners at Learning. San Diego, CA


Digital Media Work

Develop website using WordPress platform, manage pre-existing websites, and integrating sites with related social media platforms;

NYCoRE http://www.nycore.org, @nycore3000;
TAG-National http://teacheractivistgroups.org;
NLERAP-NE http://opencuny.org/nlerap4ne/, @LatinoEdu;
ReclaimAERA http://reclaimaera.wordpress.com ; @reclaimAERA

Grant Writing

Grant writer, National Latino Education Research and Policy Project-Grow Your Own Teacher Project
Grant writer, New York Collective of Radical Educators

Professional Development Workshops

Developing a Digital Academic Presence
Integrated, Social Justice, Curriculum Development
Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Struggles for Justice: Teachers as Activists
Working with English Language Learners /Emergent Bilinguals