Dating back to the Trump administration, where we saw a 1776 Commission Report that was designed to offer a framework for a “patriotic education” to counter “false and fashionable” histories, and an “equity gag order,” (Executive Order 13950) which forbade so-called “race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating,” the last several months, including during the Biden/Harris administration has seen an intensification of well-funded, orchestrated campaigns by conservative legislator and right-wing groups across the U.S. against critical race theory, intersectionality, and other forms of racial and gender justice efforts in a range of sectors, including education. To provide our viewers some insights on this issue I’m pleased to have Dr. Leigh Patel, Dr, David Stovall and educator Ismael Jiménez on encuentros políticos/political encounters.

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*This is a rough cut version of an upcoming episode of encuentros políticos/political encounters podcast.