Camp Yip Yip

A Camp for Exploring justice & joy through the series Avatar the Last Airbender

The idea of Camp Yip Yip came during Covid-19 quarantine as my family and I binge-watched Avatar: The Last Airbender (and The Legend of Korra).  I thought a virtual camp discussing ATLA would be an exciting summer project, so I invited my friend Sarah Rose and others who I knew were committed fans to plan and facilitate the camp.  

The Camp was collaboratively designed so that participants could talk about a show we all loved and dig into some of the different social themes that the show touched upon, including friendship/kinship, gender and masculinity, healing and joy.

We held the camp back in July and look forward to doing it again.  You can see our Facebook Event Page

Attached here is a camp guide that provides an overview of each of the four days and links to clips used during the camp. People are welcome to read it and use it. We have marked it with a creative commons license.

Yip Yip! – Edwin

Camp Yip Yip Guide

Camp Yip Yip Guide (PDF download)

Camp Yip Yip Guide (Google Doc-Accessible Version)