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Philly’s Comprehensive School Planning Review initiative, a conversation with Jessica Way and Kathleen Melville of the Caucus of Working Educators

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In late May of this year, the School District of Philadelphia announced their plants to conduct a Comprehensive School Planning Review, which is a re-examination of the district’s network of neighborhood schools to plan for predicted enrollment changes. The review process, as described by the school district, will “include extensive public input in 13 “study areas” that the city has been divided into for the study. Each of the 13 “study areas” will have a planning committee that includes parents, principals, district officials and the local City Councilperson.”

There are still many questions and concerns regarding this review process, and the Caucus of Working Educators, a caucus of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, put out a statement where they urge the city and the district to follow a set of principles to guide the district’s “Comprehensive School Planning Review.”

To provide some perspective on the Review process and the Caucus’ statement, I am joined by educators and activists, Kathleen Melville and Jessica Way